Who are we anyway?

We are `Manu` and `Kishore`and we've been friends ever since. We are both full-stack developers trying to build web apps that can someday impact millions of lives.

Having been working for around 4+ years together, we have come up with various side hustles and projects that are real world and addresses a real problem.

Apart from Algochurn, We have developed:

Having been actively contributing to open source and working day-in and out on our daytime jobs and side hustles, WE HAVE FAILED MORE INTERVIEWS THAN WE CAN EVEN THINK OF.

Because of this problem, Algochurn was born.

What is Algochurn?

Algochurn gives you the flexibility to practice front-end and algorithmic questions in one place - with questions on one side and solutions on the other. There can be many solutions to one problem and all of them can make sense, one might be better than the other. We have it all.

You don't have to open StackBlitz to code, Open GitHub to read problem description and wander off to stackoverflow for perfect answers. If your interview is one week from now, Algochurn has all the things that you need.

Why Algochurn?

Majority of the companies today ask technical interview questions with 2 aspects in mind:

  • The candidate is good with Front-end, They assess this with Front-end Machine Coding Questions. For that we have FrontendChurn section.
  • The candidate is good with basic Data Structures and Algorithmic problems. For this, we have Problems section. Although this is not asked quite often in front-end technical interviews.

We realised that there is a need of a platform that can replicate the experience of a Front-end Technical Interview Round that helps people practice technical questions on the go.

There are a lot of platforms out there that provide these questions, but none of them has everything in one place. For example, Algochurn comes with an Integrated Code Editor with Question descriptions and hints, all in one page with a time bound approach.

Since we ourselves have failed so many times, we know what works and what doesn't.

Because of this, we started building Algochurn and are constantly updating by adding more real world questions that are being asked in real technical interview rounds.

What problem are we solving?

  • Problem statement and solutions are at one place. To solve Local Storage Custom Hook - you will have everything from the problem, solution, to a better solution with hints and a timer. All at one place.
  • If you're stuck, you can help yourself by checking out hints. Like it would happen in a real interview setting.
  • Run your code on the go with support to over 40+ programming languages.
  • Save your code snippets against the ones that are provided.
  • Complete questions, Bookmark questions and save questions - All of them will be in your profile so that you can look upto them later on.
  • Real world problems asked in Real Technical Interviews. No Garbage.
  • Helpful videos and resources to a specific problem. Don't understand the solution? Watch the video. Don't understand the video? Take a break and come back at the problem.
  • Get a list of questions asked by specific companies. Preparing for a Google Front-end Interview? Check out the Google companies page
  • ...and many more. We are improving everyday and we are humans. :)