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Practice your skills the way they are meant to be practiced - in a real interview setting. Algochurn is a FREE platform that provides the most popular Data Structures, Algorithms and Front-end technical questions asked in a Technical Interview Round.

Explore Playground to generate code with Voice and Text commands.

Real world questions for Technical Interviews

There are a handful of machine coding questions that can be asked in a Technical Interview. Algochurn provides a comprehensive list of front-end and algorithmic questions with solutions so that you are prepared, always.

Interactive Code Editor To Solve Problems In Real Time

An interactive code editor window that feels like you're coding on your desktop machine. The integrated StackBlitz editor gives you the the benefits of


Code in real time with live preview enabled.


Install dependencies. We know you need axios.


Create files and components on the go. Instantly.


Real time changes reflect as and when you change your code.


Editor settings, theme settings, interview settings.


Choose from a list of 40+ programming languages


Change theme to fit your style. We love the Algochurn theme though.

Multiple solutions and Multiple approaches.

Explore multiple solutions to a single question to help you understand the core underlying concept. Try out different approach and compare your solution with the provided solutions.

Explore Front-end Questions

Choose from a list of 30+ questions that are popularly asked in React Technical Interview rounds. All the questions are real-world and are based on user experiences. The concepts that are being tested are




React Core Concepts

Custom Hooks

Global Stage Management

Async Javascript



Performance Optimizations

Javascript Core Concepts


List Virtualizations

and many more...

Practice Algorithmic Questions

Algorithmic questions are everywhere and even we don't like it. But since companies are asking, we have a long list of questions that are popularly asked in tech interviews. Some of the concepts that are tested are:



Data Types

Dynamic Programming


Sliding Window

Two Pointers



Brute Force Approaches

Time Complexity Analysis

Optimal Approaches

Popular Algorithms

and many more...

Ace your next front-end interview with Algochurn

With solutions of all the best questions asked, Practice the most popular front-end and algorithmic interview questions asked in Big Tech and Silicon Valley companies.